Small Animals

Breed: Guinea Pig

Age: 2 months

Gender: Male

Size: Small

Color(s): Red, Brown

Site: Bucks County SPCA Upper Bucks

Status: Available

Animal ID: 51945636

More About Scout

Meet Scout, the sweetest 1-month-old little piggie! Scout is a very friendly, gentle-natured boy. He is the most curious/inquisitive of his siblings and is always trying to check things out. As a young piggie, he is very active and likes running around, popcorning, exploring new things, and playing with his brother Chester (when they are not napping). His favorite activities are playing in giant hay piles and running through his crunchy guinea pig tunnels. Scout does not mind being picked up and especially enjoys gentle strokes on his head. At the end of a long day, Scout likes to snooze inside his hidey hut, often claiming it for himself and making his brother nap outside (even if there is plenty of room for the both of them!) This amazing boy is ready to meet you at our Quakertown location today! Come say hi!

Pro Tip: Scout is extremely curious and will climb out of his carrier if the top is left open. So, keep a watchful eye on this escape artist!