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We make the adoption process friendly and easy.

Your adoption fee helps fund our lifesaving mission to rescue and rehome animals in need across Bucks County. Adopt a shelter pet today!

Why Adopt From a Shelter?

Every year, hundreds of animals are turned into shelters either as strays or unwanted pets.

This makes a shelter the perfect place to look for a companion.

The Bucks County SPCA receives all kinds of animals, purebred and mixed breeds, dogs and cats, as well as rabbits, hamsters, birds, reptiles and even the occasional goat, pig or horse. Each animal that comes into our shelter is evaluated for health and temperament. By working with each animal to better understand his or her personality and history, we can help you find your next best friend.

Adopting a Friend

It’s easy to adopt from the BCSPCA!

View all of the animals available for adoption at our two shelter locations or come in for a visit.

1. Come and meet the animal.

Adoptions end 30 minutes before closing. Click here to view our hours and locations. Come prepared to provide identification that shows your current address. Bring (or buy at the shelter) a collar and leash or carrier to help transport your new pet home.

2. Complete a short Adoption Application.

You can fill it out when you come to the shelter, or print and complete the application to bring with you. After meeting the animal and submitting your application, you can place a 24-hour hold on an animal for a non-refundable deposit of $25 if you need time to make preparations or if you have a dog at home to bring in for a dog-to-dog meet and greet at the shelter.

Adoption Fees

  • $450 Puppies (up to 6 months)
  • $350 Dogs (over 6 months)
  • $175 Senior Dogs
  • $100 or 2/$150 Kittens (under 6 months)
  • $50 or 2/$75 Adult Cats (over 6 months)
  • $25 Senior Cats (seven years and up)
  • $10 Working Cats (best suited for barns, workshops or other indoor/outdoor settings)
  • $50 Rabbits
  • $5 and up for Small Animals (contact either shelter for pricing)
  • Our affordable adoption fees are much lower than the actual cost of the care we provide

Benefits Included in Your Adoption Fee

  • Sterilization  (spay/neuter for dogs, cats, rabbits)
  • Health exam and age-appropriate vaccines (including Rabies for dogs & cats)
  • Worming for internal parasites
  • Feline Leukemia testing for all cats/kittens
  • FIV testing for cats six months and older
  • Heartworm testing for all dogs/puppies over 6 months
  • Microchip identification and registration (dogs, cats, rabbits)
  • Temperament evaluation (dogs)

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