Spaying or neutering is a surgical procedure we provide for community and pet cats to prevent unwanted litters of kittens and help cats live healthier lives. This service is available to Bucks County residents at a subsidized rate of only $40 per cat. Financial assistance may be available in some cases.

$40 per cat includes:

  • Spay/neuter surgery
  • Surgical tattoo to indicate the cat has been neutered
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Distemper vaccine
  • Pain medication

Additional Services Available at time of Spay/Neuter:

  • $20 Microchip (implant and registration)
  • $25 FELV/FIV testing
  • $20 Flea/ear mite prevention

To schedule a spay/neuter appointment at either shelter please call our clinic at 215-622-0003. All surgeries are by appointment only. Cats must be dropped off in the morning and picked up at the end of the same day. Please do not trap an outdoor cat unless you have a clinic appointment scheduled.

We support Trap Neuter Return (TNR) in Bucks County

Trap Neuter Return (TNR) is an effective method for controlling free roaming cat populations. The Bucks County SPCA provides affordable surgery and vaccinations for cats brought to our clinics by individual caretakers and groups. We can loan you a humane live trap once you have a clinic appointment. The cats are ear tipped during surgery as a universal sign that they are now sterilized. Cats are then returned by the individual or group to the environment where they were originally trapped. This is a humane way to allow cats to live healthier lives without producing more unwanted litters of kittens.

Other local spay/neuter providers:

The Bucks County SPCA does not provide spay/neuter for owned dogs or rabbits at this time. The following clinics designate themselves as low-cost and we do not endorse or recommend any particular clinic. You can contact them directly to learn more.

The Bridge Clinic in Newtown and Bensalem

No Nonsense Neutering in Allentown and Reading

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