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Foster parents help animals who are not ready to be made available for adoption due to their age, size, health, or need for socialization. This is an amazing gift to the animals and to all of us who are working for their success.

Foster parents need to have a safe place in their home where animals can recover, grow up, or just learn how to be more comfortable with people.

Depending on the animal and the reason for foster, we may be asking for cage rest, regular feeding (for bottle baby kittens), potty training, or basic training. Foster parents help prepare pets to live as someone else’s beloved companion.

What’s Involved In Fostering?

  • Attend a 2-hour online training session, offered monthly.
  • We provide all supplies, medical care and behavior support.
  • You provide care, comfort, and any special needs identified by our medical or behavioral teams and keep us posted on their progress.
  • In light of COVID, we provide contactless pick up and curbside service for supplies and medical appointments at one of our two shelters.
  • Most foster animals return to our shelter for adoption. In rare cases, and with your permission, some may be adopted directly from their foster care home.
  • Some animals need foster care for a few weeks and others need longer. It all depends on what they need to prepare for adoption.

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