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I Lost a Pet

Submit a Lost Pet Report to tell us about your pet, how to contact you, and submit photos. This report is automatically shared with both BCSPCA shelters in Lahaska and Quakertown.

I Found a Pet

Submit a Found Report to tell us about the animal, how to contact you, and submit photos. This report is automatically shared with both BCSPCA shelters in Lahaska and Quakertown. Found pets will appear on the stray animal listing. Search found stray animals using the button below.

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Tips for Finding Your Lost Pet

Check with your local police department and use the list below to expand your search to other agencies and neighboring municipalities:

Start looking as soon as possible. Talk to your neighbors and let them know your pet is missing.  Cats can take longer to find. They may hide in nearby sheds, garages, or porches. Ask if you can look in these areas for your pet.

Make large posters that are easy to read and small fliers that are easy to hand out.  Include a good photo and your best contact information, and consider offering a reward. Hang them at the Post Office, grocery store, veterinary clinics and other places in the community.

Warn finders not to chase your pet, which could scare them and cause them to wander further.

Post information about your lost pet on sites like Craigslist and Facebook. Here are a few sites to help you get started:

When you find your pet, notify BCSPCA and other agencies you contacted. If your pet does not have a current tag or microchip, take care of that now.

What to Do if You Find a Lost Pet in Bucks County

BCSPCA accepts all stray domestic animals found in Bucks County at our facilities in Lahaska and Quakertown, during regular business hours. However, many lost pets can be reunited with their families without having to be admitted to a shelter. Many lost pets are wandering close to home.  Start knocking on doors to find the owner or a neighbor who may recognize the pet.

Healthy stray cats actually have a better chance of being reunited with their owners when they are not removed from the area where they are found.  See if you can locate the owner in your neighborhood. Call us for guidance or bring the cat to us if you are in doubt about what to do.

  • If the cat seems healthy and happy, is not seeking out your attention or begging for food, or runs from you, it is probably safe to leave him or her in place.
  • If the cat seems disoriented, hungry, is seeking attention, or is located in a dangerous location, consider safely confining the cat while you look for the owner using the tips on this page.
  • If the cat is sick or injured, or you cannot safely confine it while searching for the owner, bring the animal to one of our shelters during business hours.
  • If the cat has a tipped ear, this means the cat has been spayed or neutered and likely in the care of someone nearby. These cats are often not tame and would not be suitable for adoption through a shelter. When healthy, they are best left living where they are found.

Dogs and cats can be taken to a veterinarian or one of our shelters to be scanned for a microchip. If the pet is wearing a BCSPCA tag, call the number on the tag. Report a lost pet to other neighboring shelters, agencies, and lost and found pages using the links above.

Distribute posters and handouts in the community that are easy to read, include a good photo and your best contact information.

When the animal is reunited with its owner, update any agencies you contacted, online postings, and remove posters.

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