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An Honest Conversation with a Cat about Litter boxes

Firstly, I want you to know litter texture and the type of box are very important. As I cat, I definitely have a lot of opinions and litter choice is one of them. Also the bigger the better when it comes to litter boxes!

4/5 cats prefer open litter boxes. (We didn’t really do a study.) Us cats are in quite a vulnerable position when doing our “business.” Being able to keep an eye on my surroundings is a plus! Clear storage containers make wonderful DIY litter boxes. Just cut a large opening out on one side. The high walls will make me feel protected while the clear box allows me to see what’s going on.

I prefer non-scented litter. We are much more sensitive to smell then humans are and the overpowering scent of “fresh linen” can be very off-putting. We prefer things that are more natural in texture and scent.

Put the box where I can feel safe. You wouldn’t want to eat in the bathroom, and we feel the same. Keep the litter box a good distance from where I eat and drink. Laundry rooms are not ideal due to the sounds of the washer and dryer. A quiet space is much more preferable. If you have multiple levels, it is recommended that you have a box on every level. What can I say, sometimes you gotta go! For multiple cat homes the rule is usually to have a litterbox for each cat, plus one. Remember to scoop daily and clean out weekly.

If you really want to go all out, you can get different boxes with different types of litter and place them around the house until you narrow down which works best for your cat.

For the average cat household, just remember “No”. No cover, no scent, no problem!
If your cat is experiencing litterbox issues, always consult your veterinarian first. For more litterbox tips or information, check out our Free Behavior Helpline.

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