Going back to work? Make the transition easier for you and your dog

Before you got back to work, start spending more time out of the house. Go for a walk alone or take a drive. Start this as soon as possible to get your dog used to a new schedule.

Start getting “dressed-up.” Put on what you normally would for work and doing something fun with your dog. Give them breakfast or play a game, anything that will make them feel like that outfit means something good is going on.

Give them something that smells like you. Dogs love your scent, so take their toys and break them up into 3 groups. Place 2/3s of the toys inside pillowcases you recently slept on. Leave out 1/3 for you dog to play with when you go to work. Each day you can rotate the toys, taking 1/3 from the pillowcases to leave out. Even if they do not play with the toys, your dog will be comforted by the scent of their favorite person!

Leave a game for them to play. Before you go to work, leave treats around the house for them to find in some of their favorite places. This is a fun game of hide and seek that will get them excited and know that you leaving means there are surprises to be found!

If your dog gets separation anxiety when you leave, these tips may not be enough to soothe them while you are away. Talk with your vet about calming supplements you can add to your dog’s diet.

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